Working with Children

Ollie Coaching for Children-

As an Ollie Coach I am qualified to work with children to assist them with dealing with difficult emotions that create behaviours that are unhelpful to them. Ollie, a character who discovers that he has superpowers shows how he can manage them effectively, introducing children from a young age to this concept. 

It can be difficult for a child to understand their emotions and especially what to do with them. ‘Ollie’ helps them through his stories, together with input from the Ollie Coach to learn how they can manage their feelings. This then helps them manage their behaviours, rather than just reacting to a situation.

I am able to work with most children from an early age, including children with learning difficulties and autism. As each child is so very individual I am very happy to speak to you as parents, grandparents, teachers or carers. This can be completed during a free phone or face to face consultation to discuss working with your specific child.

Meet Ollie and his SUPERPOWERS!

Ollie is a young boy who goes on a magical journey with your child to discover his superpowers:

  • Excitement
  • Strength
  • Calm

Ollie will actively help your child manage their emotions, choosing which ones to use and when to use them.


Why is Ollie so successful?

The Ollie approach is fun and allows children to engage in his stories
allowing them to easily identify with him. They then learn to
regulate their emotions in a way in which they understand.

Your child, with Ollie’s help, will use their new superpowers (skills) to remove any negative emotions and replace them with new positive ones such as happy, calm or safe.

Ollie will teach them about their subconscious and refers to it as a HUGE library, which contains everything they have ever learnt.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me via this website or if you would like more information please visit the authors page by clicking on the link below: