How to make your resolutions stick

Now that you’ve stepped into the New Year and new decade of 2020, leaving the festivities behind you’re faced with months of cold and greyness alongside your New Years’ Resolutions. How does that work for you?

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How do you make sure your motivation doesn't dampen down with the weather?

You may have set off with gusto. Down the gym every day, the low calorie diet, the new challenge at work or perhaps with a heightened motivation to not lose your temper with your kids! But how do you keep that up? Do you really want 2020 to be that year of change for you?

A lot of us want change in our life in one way or another. I used to be on the ‘regular exercise, eat healthy, new me’ bandwagon and had often fallen off of it by the end of January. 

But what's really going wrong?

We so often set ourselves up to fail by setting too big a challenge, which causes up to give up too easily, get distracted and fall back into bad habits.

This is then topped by a huge dollop of disappointment, guilt and self-justification as to the reasons why, which just about seals the deal by creating a total lack of motivation.  And then right on cue, our old friend procrastination takes over!

A lot of these frustrating behaviours are due to unconscious patterns that we aren’t even aware of and the resulting trance states that they create, so that the bad habits just happen. 

We’re often set up to fail because of our history of doing things a certain way and our lack of belief in what we can achieve. We often expect too much of ourselves too soon and see any failure as a signal to give up trying.

So how can you make it different this year?

Hypnotherapy can help by looking at our underlying behavioural patterns and belief systems that we may not necessarily be aware of, so that we can work to re-set them onto a more positive track.

Identifying your goals, clearing any blocks, developing a new approach and knowing how to avoid falling into any unconscious pit falls can be revolutionary. Just by adding a sprinkle of self-determination and commitment to the process of following through with your goals, you’ll be amazed at the difference it can make.

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What does your future self look like? Can you see them? Can you see their future? Starting this process with support through therapy and coaching, the new future you can start to look and feel real.

If you really want to commit to yourself this year and attain those results that at the moment you can only dream of, just sit for a moment and find that piece of you that really wants this and believes that it could be a reality, and then contact me and we can work together to make 2020 a year of achievement and working towards the very best version of you.

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