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Tina Wilson Cognitive Hypnotherapy Reviews

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I’m feeling more carefree and happy since seeing a Tina.  
Alison. on September 23, 2018 at 04:18:02
I really enjoyed my sessions with Tina. I felt very relaxed and at ease the whole time. I found the sessions to be very beneficial with the problems I was experiencing and was able to move forward and overcome a few things in my life, that had been holding me back. I would definitely recommend Tina and I will be going back to her when I can to work on a few other issues.

Verified Client

Tina is really good, money well spent  
Sharon on July 21, 2018 at 09:19:09
Fantastic practitioner who has helped to cope with life, and has really helped me to sleep without pills for the first time in years. She is friendly and supportive.

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My phobia USED to run my life.  
Zoe on July 08, 2018 at 16:05:52
I’d had quite a severe phobia of wasps and bees for a few years. Last year I could hardly bring myself to go outside in case I encountered them, I constantly felt anxious, on edge and exposed to 'threat'. Autumn/winter came, I was fine but my old habits started to resurface in spring this year. I decided that enough was enough so I contacted Tina and met with her. She was so lovely, warm and welcoming and understood my ridiculous phobia. I was sceptical at first but after one session I noticed such a difference, I was still wary of bees & waps but I could walk outside again! Which is such a small thing but it really made a huge difference to me and my life. I had one more session with her and since then I'm no longer an anxious mess outside, I've spent a lot of time in the sun so far this year with hardly a care in the world. I definitely still have a fear of bees and wasps but it's such a small one now, I no longer allow the possible encounters to run my thoughts and life during spring/summer and even when I do encounter them I'm much better at coping with methods that Tina has taught me. Tina has really made a huge impact on my life and I'm so glad I went to see her about my phobia.

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A very positive experience  
C.Grier on July 02, 2018 at 16:13:03
Tina is a non judgemental therapist who has helped me through some challenging issues. I like how I have worked through my issues with the help of Tina and been able to draw conclusions and now focus on being more positive in my life. If problems arise I know I can confidently return to Tina for support and guidance.

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Phoning Tina was a great choice.  
David D on June 21, 2018 at 16:02:16
I became convinced that my problem with anxiety with regard over the need to pee was triggered by my brain rather than my bladder. This problem had worsened since my radio therapy for prostate cancer, to the point that it seemed to rule my life. On our telephone initial discussion Tina agreed it was worth a try to get more control of my thoughts.once we met I was happy with my choice of therapist. She made me relax immediately and talk freely about my problem. Even after this first meeting I was certain it would work. After Tina had sent me a backup audio file to play at home, which I found remarkable, we met for a second time and reinforced the work of the initial session and the tape, I was more relaxed and am confident that I have gotten my life back. Thank you Tina

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Thank you  
KShort on June 21, 2018 at 13:30:45
I found Tina very approachable and she didn't judge me when I contacted her for help with my phobia, straight away I felt at ease with her. Through our sessions I learnt how to control my anxiety and phobia and I had to put my techniques to use this week , for the first time in over 20 years I did not faint when I was confronted with an injection! To me this was a huge step forward,I can not thank Tina enough. I was very sceptical at first and thought nothing could ever help me get over my fears but working with Tina with her support,kindness and professionalism , has given me a huge step forward in conquering my phobia. I will continue with the techniques she has taught me and I'm reassured by the fact I can contact her if I feel I need any further help .

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Positive outcome from this therapy  
Anonymous on June 14, 2018 at 19:58:16
The therapy I received was brilliant. Tina helped me overcome my anxieties I have been having since I was a child. The therapy was different, wasn’t just talking, there were various techniques which were used throughout the session. I was able to use these when I came away from the therapy, to help me cope with situations. Since seeing Tina, the weight and worry has gone from my life, it’s made me feel like a different person. I would 100% recommend Tina to a friend.

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Toni on May 23, 2018 at 19:11:18
I suffer quite badly from anxiety but when I first met Tina she was friendly, welcoming and put me at ease. In the following months she has helped me tremendously. I would definitely recommend Tina to anyone, her methods are simple and the results are amazing.

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Highly recommend  
Rebecca on May 03, 2018 at 09:53:52
I can not thank Tina enough for helping my son through a really bad time. He had 3 appointments with her, on the first appointment he went in nervous down and quite depressed but after an hour with Tina he came out calm happy and confident about the future. Would definitely and highly recommend Tina she has been fantastic

Verified Client

Highly recommended Hypnotherapist  
LM on April 07, 2018 at 21:03:44
I found Tina's techniques very useful in reducing my anxieties. I found regressing to earlier stages in my life, where my anxiety started, was the most effective technique as it allowed me to face and overcome some important issues. Overall, Tina was very understanding, professional and I enjoyed my sessions. She is my new point of call for hypnotherapy help.

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I had‘ A Generalised Anxiety Disorder following a long standing period of convalescence from a major nervous breakdown over many years.

I came because I was desperate to try anything that may help the last of the symptoms disappear out of my life. I have been aiming to get back to full time work for years and was on the precipice of doing so – off benefits, built up self-employment and it was scaring me s…less in case I couldn’t manage once I’d taken the final step. I was still battling many symptoms, just not quite so debilitating as before.

I feel well – for the first time in 13 years.

I believe the hypnosis helped immensely. After the first 2 sessions I felt different. After 3 sessions I had a taste of being anxiety free for the first time and couldn’t quite believe it.I now feel good, well, energised, happy and confident that this is me now. 13 years after becoming ill, I am well. I’ve always wanted to reach here but have never been certain that it was actually possible. Thank you Tina – for your skills and your kindness.

No idea what made me think – ‘ah hypnosis I’ll try that’. But I looked around and Tina felt right.

Best thing I’ve done in a long time. And I wouldn’t hesitate to go back for a session here and there if I felt the need, or indeed, if another reason arose.

I’m so glad I tried it – it just made sense to do so and I’m very grateful to you Tina for being your gentle kind self with me.

J, Thanet.


I was suffering from mild anxiety problems and sometimes, not so mild panic attacks. These would occur mainly during the night, causing me to get up and leave my house until the problem passed.

The technique used, ie taking me back to the point in question several times, I felt was amazing. The feeling of a threat from that experience definitely went and I now think of that experience not of a dark period in my life but of a light non-threatening time.

I no longer have panic attacks during the night (or any time for that matter), and I no longer need sleeping pills to help me sleep. I sleep very well now. I felt that Tina did understand my problem. It was her idea of taking me back time and again to the point in my past that was causing the problem. Tina did identify the cause of the problem. I felt totally relaxed with her although I had no experience or for that matter no understanding of hypnotherapy.

I would most definitely recommend Tina and Cognitive Hypnotherapy. In fact my wife has also decided to give it a try for a problem she has (not related to mine).

If I had been told how I would feel after my sessions, I would not have believed it. I really do feel so much better now.

John, Thanet