I had‘ A Generalised Anxiety Disorder following a long standing period of convalescence from a major nervous breakdown over many years.

I came because I was desperate to try anything that may help the last of the symptoms disappear out of my life. I have been aiming to get back to full time work for years and was on the precipice of doing so – off benefits, built up self-employment and it was scaring me s…less in case I couldn’t manage once I’d taken the final step. I was still battling many symptoms, just not quite so debilitating as before.

I feel well – for the first time in 13 years.

I believe the hypnosis helped immensely. After the first 2 sessions I felt different. After 3 sessions I had a taste of being anxiety free for the first time and couldn’t quite believe it.I now feel good, well, energised, happy and confident that this is me now. 13 years after becoming ill, I am well. I’ve always wanted to reach here but have never been certain that it was actually possible. Thank you Tina – for your skills and your kindness.

No idea what made me think – ‘ah hypnosis I’ll try that’. But I looked around and Tina felt right.

Best thing I’ve done in a long time. And I wouldn’t hesitate to go back for a session here and there if I felt the need, or indeed, if another reason arose.

I’m so glad I tried it – it just made sense to do so and I’m very grateful to you Tina for being your gentle kind self with me.

J, Thanet.

I was suffering from mild anxiety problems and sometimes, not so mild panic attacks. These would occur mainly during the night, causing me to get up and leave my house until the problem passed.

The technique used, ie taking me back to the point in question several times, I felt was amazing. The feeling of a threat from that experience definitely went and I now think of that experience not of a dark period in my life but of a light non-threatening time.

I no longer have panic attacks during the night (or any time for that matter), and I no longer need sleeping pills to help me sleep. I sleep very well now. I felt that Tina did understand my problem. It was her idea of taking me back time and again to the point in my past that was causing the problem. Tina did identify the cause of the problem. I felt totally relaxed with her although I had no experience or for that matter no understanding of hypnotherapy.

I would most definitely recommend Tina and Cognitive Hypnotherapy. In fact my wife has also decided to give it a try for a problem she has (not related to mine).

If I had been told how I would feel after my sessions, I would not have believed it. I really do feel so much better now.

John, Thanet