Watch the Video below to find out even more about cognitive hypnotherapy.

On our first session I will be finding out about the negative behaviour you would like to be free of, how you feel when you are experiencing it and what you would like your life to be like when the issue has gone. This is done in the form of a ‘history take’ to uncover the triggers behind the behaviour. This session can last between 1 – 1.5 hours.

During subsequent sessions we will look at the changes you are experiencing and I will use different techniques to alter your response to the issue at hand. I work in partnership with my clients so they have control of their own progress. Although Cognitive Hypnotherapy can gain very fast results, I also need clients to do a small amount of consistent work between sessions to contribute to the positive steps forward.


Whether this is by listening to a bespoke download on a daily basis or practising techniques that I have taught them. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a ‘brief’ therapy. Some clients may need only 3 sessions whereas others require more. Definite change should be seen with a few sessions for the majority of people. Exploration of less change happening would need to be explored to see why this is the case so that work can be done to 'unstick' this.

I work from locations in the Isle of Thanet and offer a free 15 minute no obligation phone consultation so that you can feel confident and happy about working with me.

Sessions are charged at £190 for a block of 3 sessions. £70 for single sessions. 2-3 would often be the amount of sessions required to deal with many issues.

Highly effective Smoking Cessation completed over 1-2 sessions £210.

Children's sessions - a block of 3 sessions are charged at £180

If you prefer I can book you in for a free 30min face to face consultation to discuss your issue. Anyone aged 17 and under would need to meet me with their parent/guardian for an initial meeting.

Concessions for Students, and those on means tested benefits (evidence required) .

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